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Keeper of the Cowbell


Keeper of the Cowbell, Assorted Knick Knacks, Falams, various cack and all other sonic booms and sub drops 🤘

Kory hails from Morton, Illinois. 

Kory’s first band, Sweet Cheater, started in the grain room of an elevator in Niota, IL, Population 142, in 1990, honing skills from the eras most influential drummers, Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen, Scott Rockenfield, Lars Ulrich and many more!


"We went to Double Deuce in Keokuk, IA and saw Ryan Rose with Charlotte’s Web in 1991! Hair down to his waist, playing a guitar on top of a table, with the Hollywood Hills famous lettering! We had one goal: to find another Ryan Rose to play the music in a bigger market. So myself, and the singer of what was to become Bakkdraft, moved to Peoria in 1992 with a P.A., a drum set and a dream!"

His musical influences are: Queensryche, Van Halen, Motley Crüe, Aerosmith, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden, to name a few. Countless local musical heroes including everyone in Decade of Decadence, Ryan Rose, Jerry Depew, Tommy Edwards, Bret Johnson, Josh Thompson, Eric Yarbrough, Gary Horrie, Tim Fiers and so many others!

"Central Illinois is loaded with talented groups and players!" 

Prior bands that Kory has been a member of include: Sweet Cheater, Bakkdraft, Sugar Buzz, Mind’s Eye, UGT, Sextion 8, TMP, Hectic and Decade of Decadence.

He is a father of three, and a bonus kid!


"I want to thank my Mom and Dad (RIP) for putting up with this crazy dream early on, and supporting me throughout, as well as my muse and love of my life, Priscilla, for putting up with the long nights and grueling schedule that comes from a full time job, and playing nearly every weekend!"

Kory received his first drum set at 8 years old for Christmas.

"Broke all the heads. Dad said next drum set you get will be one you buy! Enter a 1972 Rodgers kit at 17 years old! The rest, as they say, is history!" 

"Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously and laugh, A LOT, at others and yourself!" 
"DREAM BIG, Play Hard!"

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