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Please read these FAQ's before requesting a show booking:

Q:  How much do you charge for a show?
A:  There are many variables in pricing a DOD show, which depends on: The event, the time of year and the location/travel distance.  Please fill out the"Quote" form at the bottom of this page, or just email us with questions and we will respond promptly.

Q:  How long is your show?
A:  Again, depends on the gig.  Our longest show is 4 hrs.  Regardless of the length of the show, DOD takes 15 minute breaks between each set.

Q:  How far in advance should we try to book DOD?
A:  As soon as possible!  DOD books 75% of it's shows over one year in advance.

Q:  How far will you travel?
A:  Within 150 miles of Peoria, Illinois

Q:  I see that you have a show booked on the date we are wanting you, so are we poop-outta luck?
A:  Not always.  Sometimes Fairs, Festivals and Clubs give us our choice of dates and will work with us at moving things around.  Go ahead and ask. It couldn't hurt.

Q:  Does DOD play wedding receptions?
A:  Yes, but read on.

Q:  Are you guys loud?
A:  Loud is actually just one's matter of opinion.  But yes, we've been told we are a little louder than average.  Any imposed noise ordinances must be discussed before booking or signing of a contract

Q:  What happens if it rains and we haven't made the proper plans for a rainy day?
A:  You pay us, and we go home.

Q:  Will you learn a song for our event?
A:  No, sorry.

Q:  Can the DJ plug into your equipment and play before your show?
A:  It depends on the situation, but we will try to do anything possible to make any event work smoothly.

Q:  Will it matter if we decide at the last minute to hire another act that will play before or after DOD?
A:  YES! We would need to know of any other entertainment sharing the same stage, the same day, before a price quote can be given.  We don't mind doing multi-band shows as long as we have all of the details worked out ahead of time, as there is more work involved.

Q:  Are there any special requirements on our end?
A:  Yes.  We will need a level stage.  We will need adequate "clean" power.  We will need a few refreshments and hotel rooms, depending on the situation.

Q:  Will a couple of orange power cords run to the middle of the grassy stage be sufficient? 
A:  No. Again, we need a stage and adequate power.

Q;  How long does it take you to set up and tear down?
A:  DOD has larger than average production.  Currently we take (about) 3-6 hrs to set-up depending on the amount of equipment we are using for the show, 2-3 hrs to tear down.  We like a minimum of 1 hr between sound check and show time, We will arrive 4-7 hrs before show time or before your guests arrive.

Q:  Can my cousins sons band play a couple tunes on your equipment?
A:  No.

Well, are you still interested?

For booking information, please call 309-339-9091,
fill out quote form below, or just email if you like!

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