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Lead Guitarist


Jonny is an Illinois Native.

Born in 1989, He's been playing guitar since 1994, and his influences include, but are not limited to, Tommy Shaw, Steve Vai, Alexi Laiho and the man himself, Eddie Van Halen.

Jonny has been in a number of bands in his career, including 2MASS Denial, Absent Image, The Holdouts, and has written and recorded music with Only2Remain, along with many more.

At age 17, 2MASS Denial released their full length studio album, "The Expiration", to great critical feedback. It was after this, Jonny knew he would be a musician forever. His love of writing music and playing guitar keeps him motivated to continue pushing himself, and progressing in his musical career.

Jonny is a father of one, and husband to his wife of 10 years.

As Jonny would say... "Lets F**king GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

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