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Front Man/Vocalist


Mark was born October 14, 1961 in Kewanee, illinois.

Mark comes from a very musical family, as his aunts, Barbara, Gloria and Loraine were on WLS radio during WWII as the "Lee Sisters". As a child, Mark was always pounding his moms pots and pans, but had great rhythm. When he was 12, his parents bought him his first drum set. Mark then took interest in guitar, and his father bought him one.


Marks first band was Canyon, and was with a group of band mates In Kewanee, Illinois. Mark played the drums, and also was lead vocalist. Marks next band was in Peoria with a group called Joe Raider, where again he was lead vocalist and drummer. Mark then joined with a group of very talented musicians, and they were called EXIT. Mark was the lead vocalist for EXIT for about 30+ years.

When EXIT disbanded, Mark took a break and wrote several songs on his own, mostly Contemporary Christian and love ballads. Mark's musical influences range from Journey, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Rush, Scorpions, Skid Row, Van Halen, Steel Heart, Warrant, Kiss and many others.


Locally, he was influenced by Sly Dog, Charlottes Web, Tri Axe, ESP, Eddie Boo Band, and local musicians such as Tony Baxter, Tim Fiers, Trent Keeling, Danny Grueter, Eric Yarbrough, Barry Gilmore, George Herbst, Tommy Edwards, Ryan Rose, Jeff Logston, Brian Kurland, Bob Molton, Rick Henderson, amongst others.


If you ask him why he still plays music, his answer would be “Music is in my blood. It is a part of me, and I enjoy making people happy. Even if it’s only for a few hours. I also do it to influence the kids, so that they can enjoy making and playing music.” 

To this day, Mark puts 100% of himself into every show that he does with the band.

“It takes a lot of work, But the end result is Phenomenal !”

Mark always looks forward to the next show, and to meeting old friends, and making new ones.


"I truly feel that my music is a gift from God. I just try to take care of it the best way that I can, and share it with everyone."

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